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Praise the Lord.

And, welcome to our website.

There is a war going on, for the hearts of men,
with regard to what they will “believe,”
and therefore then also “do,”
BECAUSE of what
they believe.

this warfare
is being waged, by the Lord,
and by His true and faithful soldiers
(who fight the good fight of faith),
in the spirit (or in prayer),
on a global basis,
right now.

The enemy of life,
or the Devil, or Lucifer, or Satan
is everyone’s enemy, because he is a liar,
and the father of all lies; and, because he is
“incapable” of love, he doesn’t even love
his best servants (which servants
include both spiritual, and
human beings).]

[Also Note: 
Satan is the king
over the Kingdom of this World, and
of which Kingdom everyone was once a part,
and most people (on earth) are still a part.  But,
those who have been born again, from
the Kingdom of Darkness, into
the Kingdom of God, are
those who can pray,
and are those
who we are
looking for.]

[Especially Note: 
Those who make the free-will choice, to
obey Satan, have made him their lord, and
their master (see Rom. 6:16), and they will
also go with him, to the lake of fire and
brimstone (see Rev. 21:5-8, etc.). 
So, please obey Jesus.]

Everyone who prays
either is, or will be acquainted
with the fact, that we live in a war zone
(here on planet earth); and that we must fight,
and fight wisely, in order to be able to win this war.

Jesus is a man of war (see Ex. 15:3); and He teaches
His true and faithful servants, to fight, and to
win their battles.  And, these “soldiers”
are called prayer warriors.

Every Christian is called
to be a soldier (see 2Tim. 2:1-5), and to
put on the full armor of God (see Eph. 6:10-20),
and to fight, and win spiritual battles
(see Mat. 16:13-19).]

being a warrior “soldier,”
as opposed to simply being a warrior,
demands discipline ‐‐ and, the word discipline
comes from the very same root, as the word disciple.

Now, Jesus told us (as Christians), to preach the Gospel
(by which faith comes), to every creature,
and to make disciples.

it is these disciples
(who are disciplined, of course),
that we are looking for ‐‐ even for those
who believe, that their prayers matter, and
who care (about themselves, and others),
enough to pray.  And, prayer is “work.”

Prayer is NOT just an “option.”  Rather,
it is a COMMANDMENT.  And, it is a commandment
with ramifications for “doing” it, as well as for NOT “doing” it
(see Mark 11:22-24, Luke 21:36, Mat. 26:36-44, and more).

And, in fact, prayer is where, and how we fight,
and where, and how we win our battles,
against Satan, and his servants
‐‐ which servants include
both spiritual, and
human beings
(of course).

we are looking for
those who understand these things,
and who will faithfully perform, that which Jesus
has commanded, for God’s glory (of which He is worthy),
for our benefit (as those who believe in Him), and
for the sake of the lost (who need us, to
prosper, to be in health, and to
be wise, etc., so that we
can help them, in any
of a HUGE number of ways).

If you fall into this category
(already having this understanding,
or wanting to get this understanding),
please contact us, by clicking below,
and someone will call you back,
just as soon as possible.

Let’s “fight” this war,
and WIN it!

Help us, Lord.

To contact us, please click here.

may God bless you,
and yours, and all of us. 
Help us, Lord. 


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