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A Few Things To Know About Us

We love Jesus Christ.  And, because we love Jesus, we obey Him.  And, because Jesus has told us, to do, and to NOT do certain things, we obey Him, with a full understanding of what He has “promised,” to those who obey Him (according to John 14:1-26, and more), as well as with a full understanding of what He has “promised,” to those who refuse to obey Him (according to Acts 3:22-23, and more).

AND, since Jesus’ yoke is easy, and His burden is light, and His commandments are NOT grievous (or hard), and the potential rewards for obedience are so amazing, we are actively engaged in helping others, to be on fire for Jesus (like we are), and to always be doing those things, that are pleasing to Jesus (who is the Judge of the living, and of the dead), so that all of us might be found “worthy,” of getting into heaven, of escaping that which is coming, and of being rewarded (by getting answers to our prayers, and much more), both now (in earth), and later (in heaven).

If you have any questions, about what we believe, or why, or about what each of us must do, to obey Jesus, or how to effectively pray, and get results, or about any of a number of other things, please contact us.

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